Jodi Hall

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Jodi has a PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences – Health Professional Education from The University of Western Ontario. Introducing you best waist trainer for women quantity is limited! She was the research coordinator of a Canadian Institute of Health Research funded study, entitled “Embodied Trauma: The impacts of abuse on the transition to mothering”, and the author of recently published articles in the Canadian Journal of Nursing Research on the health related needs of women in conflict with the law, and conducting health research within incarcerated settings. A Safe Passage was recently featured in the fourth edition of Domestic Violence Sourcebook – Health Reference Series, published by Omnigraphics. Jodi is currently conducting a community based needs assessment with street-based sex workers to explore from workers’ perspectives what they need to enhance safety and dignity in the conduct of their work.

Buy drugs to i want to lactate for my husband. We have the best offer! Jodi worked as a DONA certified doula and childbirth educator for 10 years, with a focus on the intersections between trauma histories and the experiences of women during the childbearing years. Jodi was employed in both residential and clinical settings as a full-time woman abuse counsellor, providing counselling to women who have been abused, as well as facilitating groups for women whose children have been exposed to their abuse.

Jodi’s unique combination of skills from both the birthing community and the violence against women sector has spurred a high demand internationally for her workshops aimed at informing other medical and allied health and social service professionals around the complex issue of trauma and the childbearing years.

Jodi resides with her family in London, Ontario, where she runs a private counseling practice and operates A Safe Passage, the first and only known website dedicated solely to supporting survivors of abuse through pregnancy, birth and the transition to parenting. how to make a homade penis pump. Read on our website or order from our website!

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